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The small island nation has always been a top travel destination for decades with its wonderland of scenic white sand beaches, azure lagoons, gorgeous beach resorts and beautiful reefs.


Maldives is made up to more than 1,000 smaller islands and is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world. But that’s not the best part about visiting Maldives. Almost every resort here is like a private island and you will be spoilt for choice. This is why honeymooning in Maldives has been a huge hit with couples and it still continues to among the top honeymoon destinations in the world.

And when you are not getting pampered in your lovely beach resort, you can indulge in fishing, barbecues, scuba diving, wave surfing, snorkeling, island hopping, sailing and tons of other activities.

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Water Villas


Image by Rayyu Maldives photographer
Island Hopping


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Image by Shifaaz shamoon
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Luxury Catamaran


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